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To Place an order for Bulk Beef Please call or email for availability.

Beef is charged on the hanging weight. Customer pays the cut and wrap fee directly to the butcher.    


$3.05/lb. For Whole 

$3.10/lb. For Half


Kill Fee $150 for whole or divided between parties for halves

Cutting and Wrapping Fee  $.80 per pound

We require a $200 non-refundable deposit to place an order. It will be deducted from your final balance.   

Average Hanging Weight 550- 650 pounds


Cutting and wrapping will be payed separately from the cost of the beef. 

There will be no deliveries or shipping of orders.


Approximately how much will you actually be paying for a half of beef?  

If you are buying a half of beef and it's hanging weight is 300 pounds 

(approximate but around average size for our beef)    



     300 lbs.                                                           300 lbs.


X $ 3.10 cost per lb.                                         $0.80  cost per lb. for cutting and wrapping

   $930.00 for beef +$70.00 kill fee     +         $240.00 for cutting and wrapping




+  $240.00

Total= $1245.00



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