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  • How Much Beef Do I Actually Take Home?
    You take home the finished cuts or “yield”. The percentage of the hanging weight that remains is called the “yield” and is generally between 60% to 65% of hanging weight. So if your half weighed 275 lbs hanging and at 60% you would take home 178.75 lbs of meat.
  • How Much Freezer Space Will I Need For My Beef?
    Plan on approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 pounds of meat. The interior of a milk crate is slightly more than a cubic foot. For a 1/2 a beef, you will need a 7 cu ft. freezer
  • What does Hanging Weight Mean?
    Hanging Weight– also known as dressed weight or carcass weight – is what you receive when you remove the parts that are not edible, which include the hide, feet, head, some of the bones and most of the innards. The dressing percentage for most beef cattle is about 63%. A 1000 lb. animal would “dress out” at about 500 lbs. The live weight of most of our beef is between 900 and 1100 lbs. On average our hanging weights are between 500 and 600 pounds.
  • What Is Custom Meat?
    "Custom" beef is cut and wrapped exactly the way you want it. You decide exactly how much you want of each cut!
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